Entering the code correctly

When you have the New balance discount code you have to be sure that you type or paste the coupon well. Most of the codes are in caps while some might be case-sensitive, so the code might end up not working if you enter it in lowercase.
If you paste after copying the code, you have to ensure that you don’t pick any blank space before or after the code as it might prompt an error message. And in case the code is specific to email, you might require accessing the email account to activate it.
Ensuring you meet the maximum
Most of the coupons are known to have minimum purchase. It denotes that you will need to spend a particular amount of money on some items which are eligible before you can be able to get the discount.
The minimum does apply only to the actual costs of the items which are in the order after an instant discount and doesn’t include any extra costs such as shipping or tax, when applicable. Again, you can at times get clues from the code itself.
Perhaps the code might be something like 15OFF100 which could mean 15% off with no minimum where you get it, but it might not be working for an order of $50. The 100 that you see at the end of the code might likely be indicative of a minimum of $100.
You can as well try checking the website of the stores for details or doing a search on the internet for the name of the store and the code to find out if you can be able to get extra information on the requirements.
Once you master the skills for trouble-shooting, then you might be ready in moving on to the couponing advanced in which you will know the way you can be able to get the coupons on your own.

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